new features: Body & Soul, VisualContainer

new features: Body & Soul, VisualContainer

Body & Soul

In September 2009, VideoChannel is releasing two new features, i.e. the thematic selection, entitled: BODY & SOUL – and a selection on Italian video art by VisualContainer Milan curated by Giorgio Fedeli

While BODY & SOUL is focussing on the performative aspect of transporting an artistic message in video, the Italian selection is going down to the thematic aspects of “memory” and “identity” and their manifestation in a performative representation. In this way, both selections complement each other.

Hamza Halloubi, Beatrice Allegranti, Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry,
Empar Cubells, Sinasi Günes, Elia Alba, Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir,
Roland Wegerer, Alessandro Brucini, Joshua and Zachary Sandler, Virginie Foloppe

Alessandra Arno’, Elena Arzuffi, Barbara Brugola, Pascal Caparros
Iginio De Luca, Pietro Mele, Patrizia Monzani, Christian Niccoli
Matteo Pasin, Cristina Pavesi, Sabrina Sabato, Enzo Umbaca